Saturday, August 2, 2008

apexart's Outbound Residency Program

The apexart Outbound Residency Program relocates individuals who reside in New York City for a month long period to a foreign country. Participants, from different disciplines and at different points in their career, are recommended by noted individuals (critics, museum professionals, artists, etc.) who are familiar with their activities and believe their practice could benefit from a non-working visit abroad. Residents are discouraged from production and are encouraged to meet with the many individuals who live and work locally who have agreed to be a part of the program.

It is our primary goal to provide an alternative to the promotional and production-oriented emphasis that defines most residency programs here and abroad, and inhibits participants from having true experiences that will inform their thinking. In lieu of applying the ubiquitous pressure of production and career promotion, apexart’s program encourages residents to take a step back to consider, interpret and discuss artistic work and practices.

We provide residents with an apartment, airfare, mobile phone and a list of interesting contacts for them to meet with while in residence. We specifically discourage a promotional orientation and ask the recommender to keep this in mind. Our hope is that the time will be spent visiting, exchanging ideas and taking advantage of the local cultural climate. apexart strives to provide experiences that promote integration and interaction between our residents and the local community. In sending New York-based individuals abroad, it is our intention to provide new perspectives, strengthen dialogue and promote exchange, as well as to encourage the incorporation of new perspectives into the New York/US arts and cultural community. We believe that, when removed from the often overwhelming concerns of career and production, creativity, understanding and inter-cultural exchange will flourish more vibrantly.

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