Friday, February 20, 2009


 Due to blessings disguised by circumstances beyond my usual sphere 

 of control, my trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, would become  a  

 foundation strengthening experience. In retrospect, I can now say... 

 thank god for limited internet access. The internet never became an 

 hourly destination like at home. As a result of Addis Ababa's high 

 altitude, less oxygen and the shortness of breath that followed, 

 difficulty breathing felt like a reinforced reminder to slow things 

 down... savor each are not at home.. breathe... no need to 

 rush...breathe.. don't forget to breathe. Add to that, the general 

 pace of the city itself.  The sum total amounted to another kind of 

 interaction with the city and its people. I knew that I had to inhabit 

 moments and experiences completely. Because of this, I decided early 

 during my visit that I needed some distance from the experience itself and 

 that I would post my images and thoughts after my return home. I 

 needed time to reflect and sort through my memories before sharing 


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