Friday, February 20, 2009


Here I am in the medical center (forgot the name..) taking my travel related shots. Yellow fever (mandatory), meningitis (highly recommended) and  others I can't remember. I took the flu vaccine (the first time taking it in my entire life) and got a weakened strain, two days before leaving. Initially I was pissed off about it but It came and went quickly. Thank god! I was not looking forward to flying 18+ hours with the flu. 

And, I forgot to mention the Malaria medicine. Horse sized Antibiotic tablets (DOXYCYCLINE  HYCLATE) that I had to begin taking two days prior to flying.  It was prescribed for the entire month of my trip and for a full four weeks after my return. Total... two months and two days. Needless to say...I decided (after careful consideration and the advice of many kind and concerned friends) to stop taking them two days after I arrived. Plus, there were no mosquitos in Addis at the time and it wasn't Malaria season anyway. I'll save them for the next trip.

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